Friday, November 9, 2012

Silka Whitening Pearl Cream

Are you a fan of whitening products? Well, count me in..Im not actually dark but I wanted a more fairer skin specially on my face. I've tried some whitening soaps and creams 'cause i wanted to experiment on how it could affect on my skin. I want to find a product that really suits me. This is my review of the new product i've purchased.

Just had this 3 weeks ago while having my grocery. I was going to buy soap when i turned to this product and got interested that's why i bought it. Its actually cheap, cost only Php 26.75, the packaging is similar of those face powder products.  As instructed it should be applied twice a day, morning and at night but i just do it at night before bedtime 'cause i am sometimes exposed to sun during the day because of my work. After applying the cream, its really obvious you put something on your face, that is also the reason why i cannot use it in the morning. I think all the dirt will get into my face when i put this on.
 Well, upon continuing this product, my co-worker just told me that my pimple scars have lessen. She asked me what product  i am using and i told her this. Everytime i wake up i felt the effect of this product, it smoothens and has lighten my skin.

I still have to finish this product for a total verdict whether to purchase another one or switch to a new product hehe!! But for now no reason yet to discontinue ;)


  1. I'm a guy.. and I use this cream too. I love the smell and the texture, I have fair skin but due too repeated sun exposure, my skin turned dark, so I used this cream again and 3 days later, bumalik na ulit ung original skin tone ko.. hehehe :D any update regarding with your experienced for this product?

  2. hi brice, thanks for visiting my blog.anyways,im still using this product, not just because of a cheaper price but it looks hiyang on my skin..i didnt thought a guy would use this too and happy we have the same result :)