Thursday, September 27, 2012

Dental Focus at SM Molino

         The other day i planned to drop by at the nearest dental clinic in our area. I always wanted to try DENTAL FOCUS which is located in SM Molino cavite. Lucky for me they accepted my health card, i don't have to worry about paying the bills. This is a first come first serve basis, so if you want to be the first you need to go here early. It was afternoon already so i expect to be waiting. I decided to just look around the mall first so she gave me a form for me to fill-up and i handed her my health card and indicate my contact number for her to text if its already my turn. She ask me what type of service should i avail and i was particular with cleaning only and check up. I just went around the mall, had my lunch and window shop for a while. When I went back to the clinic, still I have to wait, one staff offered me a free coffee or a massage but i refused. The waiting area is comfortable consisting of two sofa and they also have magazines for you to read. I was sitting beside another clear door and i can almost see what's inside their clinic. I think it almost took me an hour before they called my name and proceed inside.

        I enjoyed it and they also put cover to my eyes so that i can relax and  for the purpose of not  having anything on my face while doing their job. It was quick  enough compared to the time I've waited.  Well, in the end they just gave me the kiddie toothbrush which they actually used for cleaning. After the experience,  i think i would still comeback here despite the waiting time. Next time id better come earlier and should  try their coffee and massage :))

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